Closing of a company

We can provide you all assistance with closing of a company by providing the following services: preparation of documents, accounting, closing of bank accounts, destruction of company's seal, archive of necessary documents, etc.


  • Our services: starts from 600 €

  • Fee of registration office: around 22 €

  • Public notification of closing a company: starts from 5.66 €

  • [if necessary] Archiving of documents: starts from 100 €

  • [if necessary] Accounting services related with Company's liquidation

Useful information

  • Duration of process: 5 month and longer

  • Closing of a company is possible only if a company has no debts to creditors

  • If a company has assets some additional taxes may arise (you may order a revision of your company's documents regarding possible liabilities for State Tax Inspectorate)

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