Legal services

Company formation

We can provide you full help with the Company formation or establishment of the branch office (establishment documents will be prepared in two languages: English and Lithuanian), including opening of a bank account, preparation of employment contract, etc.


Increase of share capital

Share capital can be increased in two ways: through the internet system of registration office (faster and cheaper way) and through the notary office.

Useful information: share capital can be increased only by the decision of all shareholders by at least 2/3 of all votes.


Purchase of a company

Preparation of all necessary documents for purchase of a company and for the Notary Public; Presentation of all necessary documents to the registration office for registration of a new shareholder and, if necessary, of a new Head.


Closing of a company

We can provide you all assistance with closing of a company by providing the following services: preparation of documents, accounting, closing of bank accounts, destruction of company's seal, archive of necessary documents, etc.


Opening of a bank account

We can help you with opening a share capital account and also a standard bank account with internet bank facilities.

We can also help you with closing your bank account, unblocing your internet bank facilities, etc.


Other legal services

We can also provide other legal services: preparation of agreements (loan agreements, rent agreements, company's agreements regarding its confidential information, other agreements), employment contracts, preparation of documents for termination of the agreements, for changing company's name / address / Head, preparation of the documents for buying shares of other company, registration of company's logo, and even more.

If you need any additional information, please contact us!